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Oyo Vintage Brass Necklace

Sustainably Made


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Bring out your natural capacity for unconditional love and inner truth with the Oyo vintage brass pendant necklace. Get down to brass tacks by clearing away the last remnants of the facades we tend to hide behind and reveal the pure and natural truth that is you in all your glory.

You are more courageous than you give yourself credit for and repeated wearing of your Oyo vintage brass pendant necklace will allow it to take on your body chemistry revealing and strengthening your personal essence.

African blacksmiths were highly respected for their ability to create functional and beautiful pieces from raw metal ore.

The techniques used were carefully guarded secrets and it was considered a status symbol to have the means to commission the fabrication of a piece of jewelry made from metal.

  • Vintage Yoruba brass pendant and tubular beads
  • Vintage Brass bicone beads from Mali
  • Vintage Brass filigree beads from Ghana
  • Brass cable chain (4MM diameter links)
  • Brass lobster clasp
  • Approx. 24" L
  • Minor imperfections are part of the character of each piece in the One of a Kind Collection
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