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Mombasa Sterling Silver and Paper Bead Necklace

Sustainably Made


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You believe everything is connected and that honoring the planet by minimizing waste and up-cycling wherever possible is the more ethical choice.

So it's fitting that your values in life and in jewelry are a perfect match for our Mombasa sterling silver and paper bead necklace.

The most reflective metal, silver mirrors the true nature of your soul, unconditional love. It draws negative energy out of your body and replaces it with positive energy, protecting, strengthening and focusing whoever it adorns. 

In a calming mix of soft lavender and white, these paper beads that have told a thousand stories. Now it's your turn to tell yours. 

Making beads from paper is a craft that goes as far back as the Victorian age.

Paper rolled on knitting needles in hand, women would gather socially in one their respective dining rooms for an evening of paper bead making.

The beads, finished with beeswax which acted as a sealing agent, and hung on lengths of cord, were used to make room dividers.

Our paper beads are made by women cooperatives in East Africa, providing a fair trade source of income to local communities and creating uniquely beautiful beads from scrap and recycled paper.

  • Single stand of lavender and white recycled paper beads
  • Sterling silver brushed wire beads (approx. 12MM each)
  • Sterling silver chain and clasp
  • Approx. 27" L
  • Minor imperfections are part of the character of each piece in the One of a Kind collection
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