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Accra Sterling Silver and Peking Glass Bead Necklace

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Mirror the true nature of your soul, unconditional love, with the silver beads in the Accra necklace. It draws negative energy out of your body and replaces it with positive energy, protecting, strengthening and focusing whoever it adorns. 

When the Qing dynasty was established in 1644, beads of precious and semi-precious stones and glass were produced for necklaces called 'court beads' or 'Mandarin chains' by foreigners.

The Chinese beads expressed status and were permitted to be worn only by those of high rank as prescribed by law.

All of the materials used in these necklaces were imported from all over the world.

With the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1912, most of the necklaces were broken up and sold off in parts.

Few original Mandarin necklaces still exist.

  • Double strand necklace anchored by a 5 MM sterling silver rolo chain and clasp
  • Vintage white Peking glass beads from China
  • 10 MM round hammered sterling silver beads
  • Recycled glass black and white beads from Ghana
  • Approx. 22" L
  • Minor imperfections are part of the character of each piece in the One of a Kind collection
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