Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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I was a latecomer to watching Suits since I didn't know it existed until about three seasons in but it only took one episode to get me hooked since I've always been a sucker for legal shows. It started with imports of L.A Law back in the nineties and evolved into Law & Order, Ally McBeal, The First 48 and now Suits(Wednesdays on USA Network).

What I love about the show is not just the legal maneuvering but the fashion of course. Gabriel Macht, who plays the lead role of Harvey Specter is always impeccably dressed with not a hair out of place even when he has to throw a punch or two to a rival. Meanwhile, Gina Torres playing Jessica Pearson, the managing partner of the firm Pearson Specter Litt, is what you visualize when you think of a #GirlBoss.

Season 5 returns tonight after a five month hiatus picking up the cliffhanger of episode 10, the arrest for fraud of Mike Ross, the brilliant college dropout with no law degree whose masquerade as a practicing lawyer has unraveled. This story line has been a long time coming so I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll play out but keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't result in the demise of any of my favorite characters like Harvey, Jessica or Louis Litt. Here's hoping....