Your Shopping Bag is Empty

1 min read

Aside from the fact that I don't like boring clothes, I tend to go by instinct when I'm shopping. All I have to do is see something to know if I need to add it to my collection. And so it was with this suit, even though some would consider it too much of a good thing, I was only interested if I could have both the jacket and pants.

Unfortunately for me, they were out of my pants size by the time I saw this in the store. So the months went by and every so often, I would think about the flowered suit, wondering if I would ever get it into my hands. It wasn't until more than a year later when I struck gold at the outlet mall.

I walked in to the BCBG store and just like it was meant for me and only me, crammed into one of the racks at the back was a solitary jacket and pair of pants in my size, at a huge discount to boot. I paired the suit with a pair of sparkly silver and black pumps, a matching clutch and of course a fedora to add a little edge.


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