Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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Dressing modestly hasn't always been cool but that is quickly changing thanks to trend conscious religious millennials who believe that covering up can be sexy yet modest and cool. With the rising popularity of blogs and Instagram, these Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons and Hindus vented their frustration about the lack of fashion choices for women like them and shared creative fashion tips on how to make lemon out of lemonade.

Large fashion brands have began to take notice. Uniqlo recently announced a collaboration with young Muslim blogger and fashion designer Hana Tajima while H&M recently featured Muslim fashion blogger, and proud hijab wearer, Maria Hidrissi in an ad campaign. When you consider that there are over 800 million Muslims under the age of 25 worldwide, it's easy to see why this presents a great opportunity for the industry.

But they aren't the only ones. There are countless smaller fashion brands that cater to this market like Modli, Mikarose, Sweet Salt Clothing and the list goes on. It's important to note that modest fashion is also appealing to women who are not religious. Even though popular culture is inundated by scantily clad women, not everyone buys into this aesthetic. Case in point is Victoria Beckham pictured above. Over the years, she's changed her image from barely covered pop star, to uber stylish yet modest fashion designer. This is a trend that is here to stay and I for one am glad that women have more options to choose from to feel comfortable yet stylish.

Victoria Beckham