Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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Every week we feature a sustainable brand on our blog. This week's featured brand is Study NY.

The motto at Study is "making fashion without making waste" which is a laudable goal when you consider that the fashion industry wastes up to 65% of the textiles produced even though as much as 50% of is recyclable. One of the methods that they use to help accomplish this goal is by using zero waste cutting when creating their garments.

Fabric has become so inexpensive over the years that it is cheaper to cut patterns for ease of speed rather than take the time to minimize fabric waste. At Study, they design most patterns to fit together like jigsaw puzzles while others are designed so that there is barely any cutting. It's worth the time and expense to do their part to reduce the impact to the environment.

Aside from zero waste, Study engages in the usual sustainable business practices such as using recycled and up-cycled materials, sourcing organic cotton and linen as well as working with fair trade suppliers. All their garments are manufactured and cut in New York city with the exception of collaborations in Peru and Mexico city.

You can purchase Study's sustainable duds on their website. Click here for a full list of stockists.

Credit: Photo from Study NY