Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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The 67th Emmy's occurred this past Sunday September 20th. I'll be honest, I've never bothered to watch the ceremony since I don't watch most of the shows that are nominated. However, I have always been interested in seeing what everyone is wearing. I used to watch the red carpet pre-show interviews when Joan Rivers was the host, but when they refused to renew her contract since she had ruffled too many feathers, the only reason why I and millions of others watched, I lost interest.

Since then, I just wait for the photos to be posted online rather than sit through hours of boring cloying interviews with the stars. Most of them tend to play it safe and I can't say that I blame them. After all, who wants to end up on the worst dressed list. But there are a few who don't mind taking risks, whether its because they like having fun with fashion or just don't care what anyone thinks. Heidi Klum can usually be relied upon to push the envelope and this year was no different. However, she didn't quite manage to pull it off this year. While I loved the color, the dress looked like it had bipolar disorder, too sheer on one half and too covered up on the other.


Naomi Watts on the other hand scored a home run. I love that she went with a strapless midi length dress by Dior rather than a long gown. The dress had beautiful blue, green and gold embellishments that were complemented by the gold accessories she paired the dress with. Her hair was swept up into a messy yet elegant up-do, showing off her shoulders and collarbone, which she wisely did not mar with a necklace. She looked stunning especially standing next to her long time partner Liev Schreiber who was dressed in a complementary navy tuxedo. Easily my best dressed pick for the 2015 Emmy's.

Disclaimer: Photos from Pinterest