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Some might say that this outfit is over the top but for me it's the perfect expression of how I feel, exuberant. I used to be one of those people that was deathly afraid of color with a wardrobe strictly limited to varying drab shades of black, grey and brown-lots and lots of brown.

Then I met Miss Ruby in my early twenties. Her style was electric, neon orange, lime green and other extreme shades of color that she somehow managed to put together into fabulous outfits.  I said to myself, "why cant't I be like that?" It was that easy. Bit by bit, I started incorporating color into my wardrobe and with it, my attitude to life began to change. There's something about putting on a bright multi-colored necklace and earrings that puts a pep in your step and a smile on your face. Why would you want anything different?

BCBG-Hat-Jacket-Rings-NYX-Berry-Strudel-Gloss-J.Crew-T-Shirt-Bracelets-Nairobi-Multicolor-Necklace-and-Earrings-by-DalasiniBCBG-Hat-Jacket-Rings-NYX-Berry-Strudel-Gloss-J.Crew-T-Shirt-Bracelets-Shoes-Nairobi-Multicolor-Necklace-and-Earrings-by-DalasiniBCBG-Hat-Jacket-Rings-NYX-Berry-Strudel-Gloss-AG-Jeans-J.Crew-T-Shirt-Bracelets-Shoes-Nairobi-Multicolor-Necklace-and-Earrings-by-DalasiniBCBG-Jacket-Rings-AG-Jeans-J.Crew-T-Shirt-Bracelets-Michael-Kors-ClutchBCBG-Hat-Rings-AG-Jeans-J.Crew-T-Shirt-Bracelets-Shoes-Nairobi-Multicolor-Necklace-and-Earrings-by-DalasiniAG-Jeans-J.Crew-ShoesBCBG Hat, Dalasini Nairobi Multi-color Paper Bead Necklace, Dalasini Nairobi Multi-color Amethyst and Paper Bead Earrings, BCBG Jacket, BCBG Rings, J.Crew Bracelets, J.Crew T-shirt, AG Jeans, J.Crew Pumps