Nairobi Multi-Color Amethyst and Paper Bead Earrings - Dalasini

Nairobi Multi-Color Amethyst and Paper Bead Earrings

  • A tropical riot of color, these amethyst and recycled paper bead earrings will brighten your day. Wear them alone or with the matching necklace for an even bigger statement. As a bonus, amethyst is believed to give the wearer a balanced mindset, and who wouldn't want that?

    Making beads from paper is a craft that goes as far back as the Victorian age. Paper rolled on knitting needles in hand, women would gather socially in one their respective dining rooms for an evening of paper bead making. The beads, finished with beeswax which acted as a sealing agent, and hung on lengths of cord, were used to make room dividers.

    Our paper beads are made by women cooperatives in East Africa, providing a fair trade source of income to local communities and creating uniquely beautiful beads from scrap and recycled paper.