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Fresh or faux flowers? It wasn't too long ago that it was considered a serious faux pas to use anything but fresh flowers but the tide has started to change. One major reason for this is that the quality of artificial flowers has drastically improved over the years. These aren't your grandmother's dusty silk flowers sitting forlornly by the window sill. Instead, these are the faux flowers you'll find at a White House state dinner as arranged by floral designer Livia Cetti, and even the renowned and uber chic Anna Wintour is reportedly a fan of her work.

Artifical-Flowers-White House-Dinner-2011

So how can you incorporate faux flowers into your home decor while fooling everyone that they're real?
    1. Start by researching what real flowers look like. You don't want to pick flowers in a color that doesn't exist in nature or with a leaf shape that is not true to the species. You also don't want details like fake water droplets since these are a dead give away.
    2. Keep seasonality in mind.If your arrangement will be displayed all year round don't pick spring flowers like peonies or orchids for an arrangement in the fall. Instead use carnations or lilys since they can be found year round.
    3. Invest in quality. Good quality faux flowers that will look authentic and stand the test of time can cost as much as $10 or more per stem. However, they still end up being a better return on investment than fresh flowers that need to be replaced every week. Just remember to dust them regularly to keep them looking as good as new.

    4. Streamline the color palette.Don't go overboard with an explosion of color in your arrangement. Sticking to no more than three colors keeps it sophisticated. It also helps to add water if you're using a clear vase since it adds to the illusion.


      To purchase artificial flowers, I recommend stores like Z Gallerie (this is where I bought most of my flowers), Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Michaels or pretty much anywhere that sells good quality home decor.

      Credit: Photos from Pinterest