Isiro Gold Vertebrae Ring - Dalasini

Isiro Gold Vertebrae Ring

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  • Inspired by the skeleton of the mysterious black mamba snake, the Isiro gold vertebrae rings are your amulet against negative energy. Perfect for stacking or as a unique and modern wedding band, the ring is available in two band widths and multiple ring sizes.

    Wear the ring[s] alone or with the matching letter charm necklace, hoops or bracelet.

    The Story

    In Africa, amulets made from animal bones were worn to protect the wearer from negative forces, particularly the 'evil eye'. These bone beads were commonly fashioned from animals hunted for their meat like shark, fish and the most prized snake vertebrae.

    Snake vertebrae are believed to protect the wearer from snake bites which is a fairly common occurrence in sub-Saharan Africa, home to the puff adder [Africa's deadliest snake] and the legendary black mamba [Africa's most feared snake due to its size and aggressive nature when cornered].