Selous Gold Elephant Pendant Necklace - Dalasini

Selous Gold Elephant Pendant Necklace

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  • They say an elephant never forgets and one look at our elephant pendant and you won't forget her either. Meet Selous, our whimsical take on the majestic African elephant.

    Crafted with incredible attention to detail, our surprisingly lightweight yet stunning three dimensional pendant is a conversation starter suitable for all occasions that delights adults and children alike. Wear it alone or layered with another necklace[s].

    The Story

    The largest mammals on earth, elephants are amongst the most intelligent creatures, possessing complex consciousness capable of deep emotion. They are also a keystone species, playing a critical role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in which they live.

    The African elephant, found primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, has strong cultural significance, recognized as a symbol of wisdom, strength, loyalty and longevity.

    Unfortunately, due to poaching, they are an endangered species, with only ~415K elephants left in Africa. At least 10% of proceeds from the pieces in the Safari Collection goes toward conversation efforts for these majestic creatures and other African wildlife.