Marrakech Antique Silver Necklace - Dalasini

Marrakech Antique Silver Necklace

  • You'll never find another necklace quite like this because it's truly one of a kind, just like you are. Assembled from hand crafted antique pendants that each have a unique story, this necklace is for the jewelry connoisseur that you are.

    In antiquity, blacksmiths were highly respected for their ability to create functional and beautiful pieces from raw metal ore. The techniques used were carefully guarded secrets and it was considered a status symbol to have the means to commission the fabrication of a piece of jewelry made from metal.

    In many cases, the designs worn were chosen for their symbolism such as amulets for good luck, phallic symbols for fertility, hand of Fatima to ward off evil and for everlasting love, the Coptic cross.