Assal Bone and Wood Bead Necklace - Dalasini

Assal Bone and Wood Bead Necklace

  • The horn of Africa's has the world's largest population of Camels, especially in Somalia and Somaliland where about a quarter of the entire camel population in the world today are thought to reside.

    Camels are held in the highest esteem in Somalia, so much so that the Somalis have 46 different words for the camel. Extremely versatile, camels are used for transport, meat, milk, wool, leather. Their bones can be used as decorative handles for cutlery and other items as well as to make beads for jewelry.

    Our bone and wood beads are made by women cooperatives in East Africa, providing a fair trade source of income to local communities and creating uniquely beautiful beads from recycled materials.