Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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Every week we feature a sustainable brand on our blog. This week's featured brand is Industry of All Nations.
Launched in 2010 with a commitmentto rethink methods of production for consumer goods, Industry of All Nations takes manufacturing back to the regions where products and materials originate, bringing unique local businesses to an international market. This gives local communities who produce high quality goods in far flung areas of the world access to a broader stage, inviting them to the playing field and letting people choose, opening up more options for consumers and more opportunities for producers.

Products have their own identity, which come from their history. An alpaca sweater hand knit in Bolivia, a pair of alpargatas from Argentina or a checkered lined rain-coat made in England. Each of these represent specific moments in time, places, feelings, and we buy and wear them based on how they resonate with us. If you separate a thing from its origin, you separate it from it's meaning and reduce it to a mere scrap of cotton and plastic. You orphan it. 

The brands makes basic everyday goods like tees, sweaters and accessories that any conscious consumer, male or female, can use as the building blocks for their wardrobe. You can purchase their items on their website or from retailers worldwide.
Credit: Photo from Industry of All Nations