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Ever since Joan Rivers tragically passed away on September 4, 2014, the fate of her highly rated show on E 'Fashion Police', has hung in the balance. Like many other 'Joan Rangers' I tuned in to watch Joan's unique brand of humor, relishing how she would tear apart the top names in the business without fear of the consequences all in the name of a good laugh.

She made the show and for me it was over as soon as I heard the news of her untimely passing. When the producers announced that the show would be returning with Kathy Griffin as the host, I thought it was a terrible idea and didn't bother tuning in. Sure enough, Kathy was out in a few months after the brouhaha of alleged racism on the part of co-host Giuliana Rancic against Zendaya Coleman.

It wasn't over however. Melissa Rivers, Joan's daughter and the executive producer of the show, seems determined to keep the show going. Perhaps she thinks it's a way of keeping her mother's memory alive but I think her legacy would have been better served by ending the show as a fitting denouement to Joan's career.

But I guess it isn't meant to be since Margaret Cho has just been announced as a permanent co-host on the show after several episodes as a guest host. While I like Margaret Cho, she is not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, unlike Joan who was always draped in jewelry and furs so having her critique the fashion choices of others seems like a stretch. With a cast who holds dubious fashion credentials, it remains to be seen how long the show will continue on the air, but I for one won't be watching.

RIP Joan Rivers, the 'Joan Rangers' miss you.

Credit: Photo from E