Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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I've never really seen the need to buy apparel from high end designers. For starters, I find it extremely difficult to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars for a single item of clothing considering the overstuffed state of my closet. But more importantly, I'm just more of a shoe person. When you consider how many hours we spend on our feet every day, it just seems easier to justify spending more on well made and comfortable shoes than it does to spend it on yet another dress or shirt.

I'm beginning to get tempted into spending more on apparel though, and it's all because of Dolce & Gabbana. Their aesthetic just speaks to me in a way no other high end designer brand does. Their brand is imbued with a spirit that cannot be defined, full of 'sensations, traditions and culture'. For the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the woman who wears their brand:

"...likes herself and knows she is liked. A cosmopolitan woman who has toured the world but who doesn't forget her roots. A woman who indifferently wears extremely sexy guêpières or bras that can be seen under sheer clothes, contrasting them with the very masculine pinstripe suits complete with tie and white shirt or a men’s vest. She always wears very high heels which, in any case, give her both an extremely feminine and sexy way of walking and unmistakable posture. She loves that so masculine cap imported from Sicily and the rosary of the first Communion which she wears as a necklace. She can indifferently be a manager, wife, mother or lover but she is always - and in whatever case - thoroughly a woman."

Their description of the Dolce & Gabbana woman fits me to a T. I love the contrast of masculine vs. feminine and can swing the pendulum either way on any given day depending on my mood. While I try to dress practically most days, when I wear heels I go for the highest pair, and why not? Much as I hate to admit it, your posture and poise is just better in heels . Thank goodness someone invented wedge sneakers for those days when you want to be casual but still want to look and feel polished.

While I'm not yet ready to part with upwards of $2,000+ for a Dolce & Gabbana blouse, I'm working my way up to it, starting with the clearance racks of Neiman Marcus or Barneys.


Disclaimer: Photos from Dolce & Gabbana