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Every week we feature a sustainable brand on our blog. This week's featured brand is Angela & Roi.

It's not uncommon to have had a bad experience with products made from leather alternatives. After all, people having been making shoes, bags and countless other products from leather for good reason: it's a really durable raw material that only seems to get better with age. 

However, the leather making process is not really that eco-friendly when you factor in the all the chemicals that are used in the tanning process. While it is possible to use the more eco-friendly vegetable tanning process, it takes much longer (three weeks vs. one day for chemical tanning) making it more expensive.

As more people have become conscious consumers with regard to what they eat, wear, drive etc., leather alternatives have increased in quality due to innovation caused by soaring demand. Polyutherane leather (also known as PU leather) is one of the outcomes of this innovation and is softer and more flexible than PVC, the most common alternative to leather in the past.

That's the reason why this week's sustainable brand Angela & Roi uses PU leather to produce its popular line of bags. It's not only more eco-friendly than leather, it's a great option for Vegans. It doesn't hurt that their styles are very much on trend at price points that are within reach for most (most styles are under $100).

But wait, there's more. I also love their donate by color program, where 5% of proceeds are donated to a charity associated with the color of each bag. What's not to love about a brand that is stylish, eco-friendly, animal friendly and charitable to boot?

Credit: Photo from Angela & Roi