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Every week we feature a sustainable brand on our blog. This week's featured brand is Freedom of Animals.

What I love about Freedom of Animals, in addition to their name of course, is their partnership with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust based in Kenya, that aims to protect Africa's wildlife especially endangered species such as elephants and black rhinos. This mission aligns with that of the affordable luxury brand, which is to provide sustainable, cruelty free bags, without sacrificing function or style.

Rather than use PVC, a known carcinogen, as a replacement for leather , Freedom from Animals uses the safer alternative polyutherane, a portion of which is recycled. While it is not a natural fiber, the finishing process requires 70% less energy than other synthetic fabrics. In addition to polyutherane, the brand uses and organic cotton and twill, recycled metals for their zippers and lining from recycled water bottles to make their bags.

From concept to complete product, the brand strictly adheres to ethical standards. This is further supported by their commitment to producing all items in the USA, so that they can closely monitor production, and working with vendors that who share the same goal.

You can purchase Freedom of Animals on their website.

Credit: Photos from Instagram