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Growing up, I always used to associate Ankara print fabric with old people because that's who I would see wearing it. It wasn't until I came to US for college that I realized what I had been missing. The vibrant colors and bold designs are the perfect representation of everything that I love about Africa plus they match my style sensibility.

I paired the jacket with with the Dalasini Kabul Lapis Lazuli Necklace and some J.Crew skinnies. I have to say that J.Crew has been doing an amazing job with their denim lately. I've always had a hard time finding denim that fit me in the thigh and butt without leaving a gap in the waist but J.Crew has answered all my prayers. Enjoy!

BCBG-Sandals-Ring-Banana-Republic-Bracelets-J.Crew-Jeans-Ankara-Print-JacketBCBG-Ring-Cuffs-Sandals-Banana-Republic-Bracelets-J.Crew-JeansBCBG-Ring-Cuffs-Banana-Republic-Bracelets-J.Crew-Hat-Jeans-Kabul-Lapis-Lazuli-Necklace-by-DalasiniBCBG-Belt-Banana-Republic-Bracelets-Dolce-and-Gabanna-Sunglasses-Kabul-Lapis-Lazuli-Necklace-by-DalasiniBCBG-Ring-Cuffs-Banana-Republic-Bracelets-Ankara-Print-Jacket-Kabul-Lapis-Lazuli-Necklace-by-DalasiniBCBG-Ring-Cuffs-Belt-Banana-Republic-Bracelets-J.Crew-Jeans-Kabul-Lapis-Lazuli-Necklace-by-DalasiniJ.Crew Hat, Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses, Dalasini Kabul Lapis Lazuli Necklace, BCBG Cuffs, Banana Republic Bracelets, BCBG Ring, Custom Jacket, BCBG Belt, J.Crew Jeans, BCBG Sandals