Your Shopping Bag is Empty

2 min read

Are you a tomboy at heart but like to get glammed up once in a while? Do you like being comfortable but still want to look put together? This describes me to a T so what's a girl to do? Read on...

The elements of this look are pretty basic. All you need is a stunning evening gown, a cool pair of sneakers and accessories that complement the two main elements of the outfit.

I chose a red evening gown with sheer panels on the bottom because what says glam more than a gown in red? The sheer panels are fantastic for showing off the legs and they also go a long way toward making the outfit dramatic yet casual.

Now for the shoes. I'm so obsessed with the Nike Internationalist sneakers that I own them in six colors with plans to buy more! They are super comfortable and I love that they make your feet look narrow AKA more feminine which I think is a plus for this look. I chose to go with the black and white color palette to ground the look and to avoid competing with the dress.

Along the same vein, I selected black and white accessories. There is a hint of gold in the watch which I picked up in the sunglasses and drop earrings. The piece de resistance of this look however is the black beenie with a veil. I don't care that it's summer, I will wear this any day of the year, that's how much I love it. It adds a grunge/sporty wink to the ensemble while the veil adds an air of mystery. To punch it up, I paired it with a matching lip and of course we can't do without some lashes to make the eyes pop.

What do you think?