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Every week we feature a sustainable brand on our blog. This week's featured brand is Truss.

Based in trend-setting New York city, Truss works with Oaxacan artisans to create colorful tote bags in a geometric rhombus pattern made from recycled plastic. Since each bag takes one day to weave by hand, the color palette is anchored in black and white peppered with various jewel tones like turquoise blue, ruby red and matte gold to keep production time as short as possible without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal and functional design.

It all began when Elise Durbecq, gifted one of the plastic woven totes to her friend Gillian Tozer after returning from a vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico. The tote was not only beautiful, with its bright color and geometric shape, it was also sturdy and functional due to its construction from plastic. 

As former Opening Ceremony alums, the women recognized the totes were an opportunity to build a brand based on quality and design and that also supported and preserved Oaxaca’s artisanal trade. While the artisans have been making these bags for years for locals and tourists alike , the partnership with Truss gives them access to a much bigger market since the totes are sold in several high end retailers. This helps to keep the local economy afloat, while preserving a local cultural skill-set. In addition, a percentage of the profits from Truss goes towards supporting Oaxacan communities which is fitting because that is the very definition of the brand name-a framework built to support a structure.

What I like about these colorful totes, besides the fact that they are made from recycled plastic, is that they are large and sturdy enough for a day at the beach or to haul your groceries back home without sacrificing style.

You can purchase the totes online from Barneys or Opening Ceremony.

Credit:Photos from Truss NYC website