Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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The series finale of Downton Abbey aired last week leaving fans of the show such as myself bereft of something to look forward to. I've always had a thing for period dramas especially English ones. There's something about the tradition of the era that appeals to me which is bizarre since I can't stand conformity.

But even I have to admit that extremes of any kind don't tend to work out too well in the real world. Downton was my escape for today's anything goes culture which eschews tradition like the plague. I loved curling up with a steaming mug of tea to watch the Dowager Countess dish out her snappy one liners, easily my favorite character, or Mrs. Patmore whip up yet another of her delicious concoctions, masters of their respective domains and defying the stereotypes of women of their time.

Perhaps it's best that the show is ending on a high note with 11M average viewers in the UK alone. After all, Lady Mary can only have so many suitors or Lady Edith be unlucky in love yet again before the story line is in danger of getting tiresome. 

I'll miss the great relationship between master and servant depicted in the show, regardless of whether it was between Lord Grantham and his loyal valet Bates or Lord Grantham and his beloved golden Labrador Isis who passed away in season 5. I'll also miss the idyllic country life depicted in the show but most of all, I'll miss curling up on the sofa to escape back into a world I'll never get a chance to live in.