Your Shopping Bag is Empty

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Every week we feature a sustainable brand on our blog. This week's featured brand is Daniel Silverstein.

Daniel Silverstein, an alum of the NBC reality show 'Fashion Star' has a big goal for 2016 - save 3 tons of of pre-consumer textile waste. That's enough to make roughly 6,000 ZWD (Zero Waste Design) pieces, his new closed loop collection that has the laudable aim to prove that that zero waste design has more triple bottom line returns to the fashion industry than conventional fashion.

Textile pollution has always been a growing problem across the globe. In the US alone, approx. 21 billion pounds of textile waste makes its way to landfills every year. At Daniel's studio, fabric waste is kept to zero. Pattern making techniques, appliqués, tiled mosaics and embellishments absorb one hundred percent of the textile goods that are brought into the studio and ZWD takes factory scraps and turns them into new goods. 

He takes the same approach for his made to measure LBD (Little Black Dress), LWG (Long White Gown), MTO (Made To Order) and PRTY (Wedding Party) collections. But this mindset is not limited to fabric only, Daniel's studio also uses recycled and recyclable materials in their shipping, packaging and office materials. It will take a village to change the fashion industry, and Daniel Silverstein is doing his part.

Credit: Photo from Daniel Silverstein