My Style: Hoodie - Dalasini

1 min read

Layers are the key to staying warm when it's cold out. When I first visited Minneapolis fresh off the boat from Africa, I had to learn this the hard way when I got lost on foot while wearing just a shirt and windbreaker when it was about 20 degrees. I'd never been so cold in my life and it didn't help that I was lost in a strange city with no idea how to find my way back home.

Older and wiser now, I dressed for the occasion with this poncho over a long sleeved tee, leggings, boots and this darling cape when it got colder later in the evening.


BCBG Cape, BCBG Poncho, BCBG Tee, J.Crew Jewelry, BCBG Leggings, BCBG Hat, BCBG Headphones