Athleisure: Part II - Dalasini

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I did a blog post a few weeks ago about the athleisure trend and because I love it so much I am back at it again. While I'm do my best not to pay attention to trends and wear things that I love, it's just nice to have the option of stylish athletic clothing now that the look has gone mainstream. 

Options abound in the designer Stella McCartney for Addidas, Mara Hoffman, Rebecca Minkoff, TorySport by Tory Burch to Derek Lam for Athleta. Meanwhile, traditional athletic companies like Nike and Puma are no slouches either when it comes to the trend. They've evolved from purveyors of drab but functional workout clothing to stylish workout apparel that actually makes you motivated to jump out of bed every morning and head out for a three mile run. Judging by the number of Nike followers on Instagram (over 25M+ and that's just the main Nike account), I'm not the only one who thinks so.