My Style: Nairobi Purple - Dalasini

1 min read

I love the color purple. They say it's the color of royalty and with good reason. It's rich but not in your face bright bright, understated enough to be sophisticated. I love how the Nairobi Purple Necklace and Earrings look with the jeans. It's a great way of making a casual outfit look a little bit more polished. And who doesn't want that...

BCBG-Jacket-Hat-Clutch-J.Crew-T-shirt-Jeans-Report-Pumps-Necklace-and-Earrings-by-DalasiniBCBG Hat, BCBG Jacket, Dalasini Nairobi Purple Amethyst and Paper Bead EarringsJ.Crew T-shirt, Dalasini Nairobi Purple Paper Bead Necklace, BCBG Cuffs, BCBG Rings, BCBG Clutch, J.Crew Jeans, Report Sandals