My Style: Black, White and Green - Dalasini

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Every time I wear these shoes I feel like the king of pop Michael Jackson, he always had a snazzy pair of shoes on when he performed. I'm a firm believer that every item of clothing or accessories you put on should make you feel fabulous because what's the point of wearing anything that makes you feel frumpy?

I usually build an outfit based on one item I'm in the mood to wear and in this case I started with my shoes. Since I was feeling on top of the world, I thought why not mix some prints for good measure?

Mixed-Prints-Outfit-Ideas-by-DalasiniMixed-Print-Outfit-Ideas-Silver-Accessories-by-DalasiniJ.Crew-Silver-Oxford-Shoes-by-DalasiniBCBG-Cat-Ear-Hat-by-DalasiniBCBG-Cat-Ear-Hat-Mirrored-Sunglasses-Lamu-Earrings-by-DalasiniBCBG-Fedora-Hat-Mirrored Sunglasses-Mixed-Prints-by-DalasiniBCBGHat, BCBGSunglasses, Dalasini Lamu Sterling Silver and Paper Bead Earrings, J.CrewTop, J.CrewPants, J.CrewOxfords, BCBG Rings