My Style: Rice Farmer Hat - Dalasini

1 min read

When I first saw this hat, I was drawn to it yet terrified of it all at the same time. It reminded me of the hats rice farmers wear in Asia, but yet it was so stylish. Concerned that I couldn't pull it off, I didn't buy it when I first saw it online.

Then I went to Vegas several weeks ago and saw this hat again. I decided I had to try it on and once I did I was in LOVE. It's now one of the coolest hats in my collection.

BCBG-Rice-Farmer-Hat-Printed-Top-Black-Sheer-Skirt-by-DalasiniBCBG-Black-Sheer-Color-Block-Skirt-Silver-Wedges-by-DalasiniBCBG-Rice-Farmer-Hat-Black-Sheer-Color-Block-Skirt-Printed-Top-by-DalasiniBCBG-Black-Sheer-Color-Block-Maxi-Skirt-Silver-Wedges-by-DalasiniBCBG-Black-Sheer-Color-Block-Skirt-Lamu-Paper-Bead-Earrings-by-DalasiniBCBGHat, DalasiniLamu Sterling Silver and Paper Bead Earrings, BCBGTop, BCBGSkirt, BCBGRings, BCBGSandals