Sustainable Style: La Canadienne - Dalasini

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Every week we feature a sustainable brand on our blog. This week's featured brand is La Canadienne.

For 45 years La Canadienne has been making shoes that can withstand the elements without sacrificing style and comfort which is no easy feat when you consider that they are based in Montreal, known for its cold wet climate. 

Only the finest Italian leather hides – by products of the food industry that would otherwise have been discarded – are used to guarantee waterproof protection for up to six months. But that's not the only nod to the environment, the brand uses eco-friendly dyes and protective agents as well as recycled materials for their shipping boxes. Genuine shearling and breathable stretch microfibers are the finishing touches to shoes designed with old-world insight but a modern-day sensibility.

You can purchase La Canadienne on their website, stores and online retailers likeZappos.

Credit: Photo from La Canadienne